Meet Hunny Bunny 

Hi, dont you think its sooo cute when your holding your baby and they are so sleepy and start to doze and you look down and see them grin? My little guy did just that. I honestly don’t see how, he’s been out like a cute little light all day long.

My little boy happens to be the highlight of my life. He is the first person I see in the morning and the last I see in the morning. Being a mom of a six month old, sleep comes whenever possible.

When this guy is not sleeping hes eating. Here he just had Pizza and Oreos. What a lovely combination. Just look at those pudgy cheeks! Dont you just want to squish um??? Go ahead and try, you’ll come back with nubs. Hes got two teeth and has already bitten me.  

Zzzzz.! Not on his watch. When its bed time he’s wide awake. Which you already knew that. I dont do coffee it makes me jittery and have migraines so i hold him and nap with him most days. Yeah I know it will spoil him! Dang he was spoiled while in my tummy. 

Nap time has come. Goodnap y’all.  Love, Missy


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