Want to join some cool clubs?

This past week I have been searching high and low for some cool sites that offer you free products. Yes I said free. That means no shipping costs. What??? That was the first question that I asked too. All you do is make an account and answer some questions,then they find the right products for you to try. The only catch is you have to write, video, or just tell people about the product and give your honest opinion about it. 

Once I started digging around I came upon the Smiley360 website. It sounded too good to be true. While looking at the site it became clear. Why not try t it couldn’t hurt. So tonight I signed up. I did the recommended forms and am now waiting on the next step. The wait is what gets you. 

Now with that said the next “Cool Club” is bzzagent. That’s right buzz like a bee agent. I looked on the video channels and saw that you do the exact same thing as you do on Smiley360. Plus you get full sized products to try. Shoot I like free, I like full size and no shipping! Thats my kind of shopping. 

Now all I have to do is quit watching the mail box for my foodies to arrive. You know that a watched pot never boils. Actually I wonder if that saying is really true? Who knows maybe the next time I’m boiling water I’ll pay more attention. 

Until next time. Love ya, Missy!

Try smiley 360 with me. Click on the link below. ⬇



Try bzzagent with me. Click on the link below. ⬇



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