Popsicle Stick WORKOUT

I love this idea. Keep them coming

Run With Me

I came across this image on a Tumblr blog and thought it was an absolute brilliant idea. Many people get stuck in a rhythm of five or 6 different fitness exercises, finding it difficult to come up with variations to their current workout regime. The Popsicle stick workout (although lacking originality, I do think this name is quite fitting), is a brilliant way to introduce new exercises to your current routine. For all of you who like a bit of anticipation, this workout allows for just that. It is simple to create and even simpler to use. And let’s not forget that every workout will be different so let’s enjoy the challenge every week will bring!


  1. Popsicle sticks (start with at least 20)
  2. 2 permanent markers, different colours
  3. 2 cups, mugs, or jars


  1. Grab two Popsicle sticks
  2. Pick an exercise from the list below. Write the…

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