Popsicle Stick WORKOUT

I love this idea. Keep them coming

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I came across this image on a Tumblr blog and thought it was an absolute brilliant idea. Many people get stuck in a rhythm of five or 6 different fitness exercises, finding it difficult to come up with variations to their current workout regime. The Popsicle stick workout (although lacking originality, I do think this name is quite fitting), is a brilliant way to introduce new exercises to your current routine. For all of you who like a bit of anticipation, this workout allows for just that. It is simple to create and even simpler to use. And let’s not forget that every workout will be different so let’s enjoy the challenge every week will bring!


  1. Popsicle sticks (start with at least 20)
  2. 2 permanent markers, different colours
  3. 2 cups, mugs, or jars


  1. Grab two Popsicle sticks
  2. Pick an exercise from the list below. Write the…

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Daily Prompt: Facade

via Daily Prompt: Facade
With a little help from Webster I proved with my earlier blank post what a facade really is. You opened the page to find nothing and were disappointed. Then you saw this post and decided to open it and BAM got the real definition.

Meet Hunny Bunny 

Hi, dont you think its sooo cute when your holding your baby and they are so sleepy and start to doze and you look down and see them grin? My little guy did just that. I honestly don’t see ho…

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Daily Prompt: Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon M: is for magnificent O: is for optimistic O: is for outrageous N: is for ninkinpoop Once you break this word down and take a closer look at it, the word moon transforms into…

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Disagree with me will ya


I am part Irish and part Cherokee. You won’t win in a disagreement with me. I will always get the last word or head roll or even eye roll. Dont believe me try it. 

When my hubby and I are arguing I know he’s right but I still say I am. Sounds like you, ha and about every other couple in the world. Disagree with me will ya dude! Dont mind if I do. 

My 8 month old will disagree with me when I tell him it’s bed time, let’s say I have time to do my daily prompt. I won haha you are sleeping sucker. But I’m the momma so I will win and in one way or another always will. Sorry I love you Have Bunny. 

Daily Prompt: Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon

M: is for magnificent

O: is for optimistic

O: is for outrageous

N: is for ninkinpoop

Once you break this word down and take a closer look at it, the word moon transforms into something more.

When you think  moon you automatically look up to the sky and try to find that man. But if you separate it out and look at what letters spell it out you think more outside of the box.

M- Merry, Montana, more than. …..

O- October, octagon ,order…

O- Ordinary, olive…..

N-nowadays, nostalgia. …

The list goes on and on. Now when you look up at the sky at night the moon will appear to be not just the moon but much more.

Want to join some cool clubs?

This past week I have been searching high and low for some cool sites that offer you free products. Yes I said free. That means no shipping costs. What??? That was the first question that I asked too. All you do is make an account and answer some questions,then they find the right products for you to try. The only catch is you have to write, video, or just tell people about the product and give your honest opinion about it. 

Once I started digging around I came upon the Smiley360 website. It sounded too good to be true. While looking at the site it became clear. Why not try t it couldn’t hurt. So tonight I signed up. I did the recommended forms and am now waiting on the next step. The wait is what gets you. 

Now with that said the next “Cool Club” is bzzagent. That’s right buzz like a bee agent. I looked on the video channels and saw that you do the exact same thing as you do on Smiley360. Plus you get full sized products to try. Shoot I like free, I like full size and no shipping! Thats my kind of shopping. 

Now all I have to do is quit watching the mail box for my foodies to arrive. You know that a watched pot never boils. Actually I wonder if that saying is really true? Who knows maybe the next time I’m boiling water I’ll pay more attention. 

Until next time. Love ya, Missy!

Try smiley 360 with me. Click on the link below. ⬇



Try bzzagent with me. Click on the link below. ⬇